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  • Proud Graduate of Graphic Branding & Identity @ London College of Communication, UAL.  


  • Dedicated designer and artist. Using various media to create her work while also challenging her intellectual ability in finding solutions towards various societal issues. 

  • Kiana is a Scandinavian/Persian artist, born in London and raised on the French Riviera.

  • The passion for her artwork is deeply inspired her heritage found within the cultures of her upbringing. The name KIZENDEH grew out of this. The name refers quite literally to “whom is alive”.


  •  Artwork is displayed around the World.

  • Known for pushing boundaries in her work; to draw attention to new perspectives on what being a creative really means. A constant that is found within her work is an intricate attention and appreciation for the environment.

  • Kiana's Artistic thoughts are run by nature and humanity, her artwork develops when the two coincide.

  • Kiana has a vast artistic background that stems from her own self tutelage and the Mediterranean influences that have driven her passion from a small town called Antibes in France.

  • Has the ability to use mixed media in a way that has not been explored before as she crosses the boundaries between the functionality of art and the essence of artistic design.


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"Artwork has previously been displayed in the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, 2019"
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