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5 Ways To Stay Positive – How I Stay Happy !

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Positive #motivation in the world is so under-rated. I think there should be more of it.. but not the cheesy kind that makes you want to ignore the World. The kind of positive motivation that will get you out of bed in the morning by planting a positive seed of thought in your mind.

Soooo, If you already know me, you probably see me as this positive, grounded person. Or at least that’s what I heard a lot in my life. Some people even say that I have #positiveenergy and I can’t lie, that one always makes me smile. But the truth is, we all have our bad days.. those days we don’t want to get our of bed, the days we just feel lost… or those days we have so much to do that we would rather bury our heads into a distraction.

Well I have reflected on various things that I do throughout the day to pin-point those key moments that truly get my mind in a happy state. The essential idea is not to avoid feeling down or sad or angry, it is how we deal with those scenarios that make us who we are and sets the tone for the rest of the day (future).

Here are my 5 tips to happy living:

This might sound trivial to some people but it is truly the best thing when it comes to keeping a positive mindset.

Waking up in the morning with a good attitude is hard. I mean it’s hard for me anyways. The way I start my day off well is by thinking about the things I am thankful for. I usually do this when I am still half asleep, you know that in between state of waking up when your mind switches on but you haven’t opened your eyes yet.

I find myself happier and ready to face anything that might happen throughout the day. Being appreciative of how healthy you are or how thankful you are about how far you have come or who helped you along the way is honestly the key to my morning happiness.


  • If you have an alarm clock on your phone, pick a ring tone that will ease you out of rest instead of annoying you… you’ll wake up energised instead of grumpy. Trust me on this one, try using a song you like.

  • If you still feel down when you wake up, make sure you open those curtains, it’s crazy what natural light can do for your mental health. Even open a window if you can.

  • I also sometimes write down the negative thoughts I have and throw them away. The action seems to help. Just like when you have a song that won’t get out of your head, as soon as you start singing it out loud, the song seems to go away. Well I do the same with any feelings I keep bottled in. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.


Stay away from RESTRICTIVE thinking! Oh I wish someone would’ve taught me this growing up! Stop telling yourself you can’t! Wow if I took that advice earlier in life I would’ve achieved a lot more a lot faster. When you are speaking to yourself in you mind, YOU are your only obstacle.

No matter what circumstances or others say, NOBODY is in your mind. Giving yourself the imaginative freedom to say yes to your thoughts will allow your mind to figure out the next step.

Trust yourself. Listen, life is full of rules and regulations, do yourself a justice by not limiting your mind within yourself. This could lead to self judgement, lack of confidence, feeling small, being dishonest to hide your true feelings etc. Making sure you allow yourself to be happy is half of the battle.


  • The next time you say no to yourself, think about what if you just said yes? As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, why not try something new?

  • The way social media makes people feel on the inside can really hurt some people. As a woman myself, I sometimes finding myself limiting my food intake or judging my appearance! HOW CRAZY !!! When I notice myself doing that I immediately decide to do something I’d like. That usually means to eat something sweet that I’ve mentally deprived myself from. Im sure you have something you hold off from too… Just do what makes you really happy!!


Okay so I can already feel the energy of Urg.. not some else telling me to do some difficult Yoga pose. Welllllll what I mean by breathing is finding you own way to exhale all that negative frustration.

I personally love running and exercise… but do I want to run 3 times a week? the answer is no. Aha, so the best way to get those endorphins in those times of need are to really remove yourself from the situation, go into a quiet space or outdoor space and simply breathe.

The key to this working is by taking long deep breaths. I mentally distract myself by seeing how deep a breath I can take. This helps when you’re in a stressful situation or if you had a hard phone call. Or even coming out of an argument.


  • Overthinking is neverrrr good. Remember, all things in moderation. If just breathing doesn’t help, make yourself a warm drink. Calm your nerves in any way you can.

  • Going for a walk is what I love best, I end up breathing my negative thoughts out without even thinking about it. Fresh air can really save you in time of need. Breathe in the confidence you need and exhale the insecurities.

  • I obviously promote exercise or doing some kind of sport, but that is a short term fix in my opinion, for me the action of breathing keeps me happy on a daily basis.


4. #Good Company

Having good friendships are so important in life. I mean I didn’t take it seriously until I realised that healthy friendships are worth more than money can buy.

Staying positive is hard when the people around you are bringing your energy down. Of course everyone goes through their tough times but if it’s an ongoing, unchangeable trait that someone refuses to improve… your best bet is to close that door and open that window to let the light in.

I stay happy throughout my day by sending something sweet to someone I love. Friend or family, it does not matter. What goes around comes around. My key to happiness is not expecting them to treat me, it’s by treating them and feeling proud to have given them a reason to smile.


  • Don’t expect more than what you give! In fact the whole notion of expectation will only make you ungrateful in the long run. Being happy is all about appreciating the little things no matter how small, It’s about sending someone a grateful, positive message with pure intentions.

  • Make yourself available! I used to be too lazy to see my friends sometimes… and while that was okay, I was missing out on healthy interactions that I so dearly needed. We are social creatures, it’s up to us to decide the way we approach social interactions. I chose calmness and the ‘glass half full’ approach.

  • Always take everything with a PINCH OF SALT ! Nothing is as bad or good as it seems. If you are not feeling happy make sure you do not project your negative energy towards the people around you. Instead talk about it and move on from it (find a solution). Being kind goes a long way.


Work hard / Play hard!

Making yourself feel productive is a type of happiness only you can give yourself… and trust me it’s the core of my positive outlook on life.

The days I feel low are generally down to the fact that I didn’t feel like I did anything purposeful. Making sure that you put one foot in front of the other, no matter how small that action might be, is so important for your mental stability.

For me, writing a simple blog post gives me a sense of fulfilment and makes my day brighter. I then feel great about spending time talking to friends later in the day without the hovering notion that I had achieved nothing that day.


  • Balancing your time is not something I focus strictly on. The idea is to help you understand that working and playing both have their role throughout your day. There is always something to do, just make sure you balance your time enough to feel proud of your decisions and not feel guilty. Having a guilty conscience will push your positive energy away and avoiding that is a must.

  • Don’t forget to reward yourself after you achieve something you have spent time on. Condition your mind to be thankful and reflect it in an action you do. Buy yourself something, make yourself that dish you love, drink that glass of wine etc. Being happy is all about the actions we choose. So make the most of it. Life can be very fun if you make it out to be.


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I hope you get to understand a little about me and where my positive energy comes from. It’s all a state of mind. Believe me I was not born like this. My aim is to share my insights on what I think matters towards being happy. I am not a professional in any way, but maybe my perspective can inspire you.

Also feel free to send me ideas on any other post you would like to see below or dm my account on Instagram @kianazenart

Thank you all so much, Sending my care & love,


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