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Artwork 2019 Collection

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


This wonderful collection began flourishing when I began feeling the weight of how badly we were treating our world. I have always been inspired by the symbolism of birds and other beautiful elements in nature, and so for this collection I turned my detailed sketches into pieces of art that highlight the beauty of nature in various states. Some pieces express the nature that we should dearly save, sharing the ghost like aesthetic of what we may have to lose in this world. Others express the value of wildlife, by expressing a dream like state of existence.

I use mixed media to achieve these wonderful feelings, from diamond dust to graphic design. Each real piece of art I make has its corresponding motion graphic. As an artist I like to push boundaries between the real & the virtual.

Shedding light on pressing issues takes deep thought on each design choice I have made. I wish for my art to evoke emotion. The very idea of self-destruction speaks volumes when we talk about how we have treated our environment. My art has been created to show the consequences of our actions if circumstances don’t change. Sharing a dream like state of each scene. They are simply beautiful scenes with very shocking reality to them.

Artwork Explained

“Nature of Humanity”
– Kizendeh

Sketched digitally using an Ipad, Layered with my own personal photography of the sea in Antibes, France.

This piece was the first one of the collection and as result gained the most attention for the message it conveyed. The discomfort of the looking eye, harmonised by the elegant stance of the peacock.

The piece has been said to evoke power & fright, but also share a certain innocence that we so dearly love about how nature has been formed.

“Ghost of Life”
– Kizendeh

This one is a hand drawn piece that was designed using Indian ink fine liners, mixed with subtle use of watercolours.

This artwork describes the implications of what life could be like after the destruction of nature. The way the beauty of a bird will only exist in imagination.

Plastic is majorly destructive to our ecosystem, hence the metaphor of the ocean becoming clear plastic. Here is were beauty & reality coincide.

“Value of Wildlife”
– Kizendeh

This one began as a hand sketched piece that was initially inspired by understanding the raw forms of nature. Different species habituating in the same world as ours.

my sparse coating of diamond dust romanticises the beauty of nature and the scrunching of meshed fabric shows a rather frightening side of how we suffocate nature/ wildlife to an inch of its life.

But doesn’t the art look beautiful? See that’s the point, to see beyond a pretty surface.

– Kizendeh

The symbol of the peacock has deeply inspired me over the years and this piece of art is no exception. The texture of the bird against the wall almost leaves the mind thinking about what is truly left of the environment around us. What if a sketched artwork was all that was left?

The idea of beauty is only as beautiful as we desire it to be. Why is art on a wall less valuable than art on a canvas?

This piece was designed to stimulate the mind & ask questions.

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I hope you can better understand my train of thought and where my inspiration comes from. Let me know if you would like to see the motion graphics that go along side these pieces? I’d be so happy to hear what your perspective is on my work, Comment below so I can see. Also feel free to send me ideas on any other post you would like to see below or dm my account on Instagram @kianazenart

Thank you all so much, Sending my care & love,




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