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Nowadays people often talk about feeling great in your own skin, and this is something I truly would love to explore.


It's #2020, and with restrictions all around, I have heard that people are concerned more and more about their #skin #care 

Having more time on my hands has allowed me to re-arrange my bedroom and of course clean up all my beauty products, as some of us have also done I'm sure, and so as I was putting away my lotions & masks & sprays, I realised that I only really use 5 main products in my everyday life. I know that we all have bought into some good branding or mass marketing before and sometimes never end up using the products once we buy them....


I mean I can't blame you, I have also encountered the odd blemish arising from the over use of my face mask. So I am here today to show you what I think works best in keeping your overall natural beauty at its best.



I believe that I have the best products for you,


whether you are a man or woman, non-binary etc. I am going to enlighten you on the products that will truly work for all. I am a stickler for natural products that really do make a difference while also keeping our health in-check inside and out.


Just a disclaimer that I am in no way an affiliate of these products and am just writing about my experiences in hope of making your life easier by sharing what I believe really works:

1. Body Moisturiser


On a rather random but helpful note, haha, I have tip for any of you who live in a warm climate where there are mosquitos about; I learned from my own experience about this one...


Pro-Tip: Make sure to moisturise well with this product as the zesty smell naturally repels those little blood-

sucking monsters! (mosquitoes), which only makes the product better in my opinion!

The number one all time favourite of mine for an all over body lotion is the:

BIOTHERM - Lait Corporel (L'Original)


I have been using this product for almost 8+ years and it never fails to amaze me. It really hydrates your skin and more importantly it repairs it !!! Your skin will be feeling enriched and supple within seconds. Also the scent of it is the perfect balance of zest & sweetness which I really love. The texture of the cream is so smooth and light that it really does feel weightless which is a really important aspect for me as I have sensitive skin. It also makes application quick and effective.

2. Hair/Body Nourishment

Thinking about doing a hair mask is time consuming so this is my never fail, go-to product that I use.


This particular brand has really hit the nail on the head as they avoid diluting their products whatsoever and provide the most natural serums around;

SATIN NATUREL - Organic Argan Oil

I use this product so much and love every aspect about it right down to the packaging and what the brand represent. They are Cruelty free & vegan which I admire most. I usually spray it 2-3 times in the palms of my hands and massage the ends of my hair with it while its still damp from the shower; it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and gives it a natural shine like none other. I highly recommend this product as an all year round favourite as it nourishes your hair from the dry cold winter air but also protects your hair from breaking is warm summer months from dips in the pool and the salty sea breeze.


Pro-Tip: When having a bad hair day I usually style my hair with a couple pumps of the Argan oil and use a hair brush to create a slick back hair do that doesn't require me to pull my hair too tight. It's also great for getting any frizziness out of your hair if you're in a rush and as a bonus Argan oil promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp. You're Welcome!

3. For Tired Eyes/Dark Circles

Okay so this is by far one of the most essential products that many people who are working from home are in need of right now:

OSEA - Eye Gel Serum


I have to say that I do not end up using this product as much as I need to however, the effects of the product feel so relieving and rejuvenating that it has become one of my essentials. The product is a lightweight gel reduces under eye circles while also refreshing your skin. I think what sold me on the product was how quickly the gel actually absorbed in my skin and also that the gel was not sticky at all! Considering that I have tried my fair share of under eye masks and serums, this on has been the most useful and can be applied with such ease. I also recommend this for men too as it really will benefit you, especially if you end up wearing glasses in front of a screen or need an extra boost of freshness in the morning.

Pro-Tip: I use this product before applying my makeup as it also reduces puffiness and seems to illuminate my whole look. I hardly go without it. It is also non-greasy which is a huge plus for all those make-up enthusiasts out there.

4. Face/Neck & Hands Rejuvenation

This product is my secret to having clear / youthful skin, I know I am still young but trust me on this one, It is a game changer:


SATIN NATUREL - Bio Hyaluronic Acid 



I have been using this product for a while now and I can really see the difference of how tight and bouncy my skin looks and feels. I feel as though the trend of using a product such as this has been on social media for a the past couple months so I wanted to show you a product that is equally if not more rewarding than others for its natural build. Many brands that are making their own version of hyaluronic acid serums dilute the mix with water as the essential product is far too strong to be used on its own. This is why they come in all price ranges nowadays instead of the hefty price tag they once had. I particularly love this product since Satin Naturel have decided to replace the water with a more beneficial substance; Aloe Vera! I cannot say how much I appreciate this product, anyone I have introduced to it seem to love it and that has been so rewarding for me.

Pro-Tip: I do have to mention that it does soak in very quickly and leaves your skin quite tight so I 100% recommend using a moisturising cream right after application to get your skin feeling silky smooth. I believe this brand have a moisturiser and Hyaluronic package on their website. But I find that after rinsing off my makeup, using this product and my all time favourite BIOTHERM moisturising cream right before bed, makes me feel so relaxed.

Pro-Tip: I like using this shampoo with their also very good conditioner, but ladies, I would recommend only using conditioner on the bottom half of your hair, it makes my hair shine without pulling the weight of it down.

5. Hair Cleansing

This is 1000% necessary for everyone to own !!! This product works like magic for my hair and I am sure it will do wonders for yours too:

WATERMANS - Grow Me Shampoo


This is one of my more recent additions to my routine, but it has to be one of the most noticeable changes I have had in years. I cant stress this enough but this shampoo is so natural and so extremely, importantly Sulfate & Paraben free that I think that everyone should at least try a bottle of this once to see its effects. It re-balanced my hair oils, stopped my hair for falling out and even made my hair feel stronger without using unnecessary chemicals.

I hope you get to try all my recommendations and share how you feel about the products.

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