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I am a Fine Artist based in London. My art is a merge between both Persian heritage & Scandinavian minimalism influences.

All my pieces are designed to convey a sense of peacefulness for everyone to enjoy. 

This website is here for me to introduce my art with you, I always say that "good energy attracts good energy". If you are looking for a modern piece of art to embody heritage, peacefulness & positive thinking.. then you have found the right artist for you. 

Keep scrolling if you would like to find out about my artistic / personal background.


Kiana Zen Art - "MALA" canvas


My art sheds light on the current relationship we have with nature & the environment. The shapes seen throughout my work are actually living cells, either containing or surrounded by glimpses of the natural serene world. My art holds the narrative of peaceful living, by looking at an illusion of reality, despite the destruction that is happening all around us.

Deeply inspired by my ethnic background, I identify as Persian/Scandinavian. The embroidery is associated with my Persian heritage; giving reference to hard working textile makers responsible for beautiful creations, such as Persian tapestry making. While the abstract forms & negative space symbolise my Scandinavian background; highlighting the importance of nature and spacial awareness.


My Artwork has a balance of concentrated fine detail versus sparse minimalism. All of which aim to evoke harmony. Birds are a common finding within my artworks, all symbolising freedom & strength, along with each of their own characteristics. Almost like a romanticised dream scape of reality.



Artwork has previously been displayed in the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, 2019
Marco Molinario logo.png

Artwork for Marco Molinario, renowned Jewellers, displayed in the private atelier in Monaco

Artwork for La Reserve de la Mala - Beach club, in Cap D'ail, France, 2022


  • Proud Graduate of Graphic Branding & Identity @ London College of Communication, UAL, London.

  • I am Persian/Scandinavian, born in London and raised on the French Riviera. I speak English, French & understand some Farsi.

  • I used to go by the artist name KIZENDEH. I made it up as it refers quite literally to “whom is alive”. It honestly only made sense to me and that's why I don't use it anymore.. haha

  • I grew up in a town called Antibes in France which is where I grew the most as a young artist. Antibes attracted famed impressionist painter Claude Monet, modern artist Nicolas de Staël, and even the celebrated Pablo Picasso, who bought the Château Grimaldi as a residence, which is now the Museum bearing his name.

  •  A fun fact is that I absolutely love baking and cooking.. I may not be the best at it but that has never stopped me trying my very best!



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